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Why should I hire you as my makeup artist?

Experience! I began as an art student in high school, learning shading, tints, tones, color theory and the like. I won many art contests along the way. That love of art transferred into a love for makeup artistry. I took my first client at 16. Now, 25 years later, I’m a member of the I.A.T.S.E. union. I work in televison, theatre, with professional athletes, actors, top level politicians, during fashion week, at awards shows,  and with world renowned photographers. I’ve learned to adjust with lighting, cameras and HD equipment. I’m able to “read” an environment and adapt accordingly. I am not an “off the cuff” artist. Each product is deliberately chosen and specifically placed to achieve detailed results.

Is there a price list for wedding services?

Our price list can be requested using the "Contact" page. 


Is wedding day makeup different from other makeup applications -i.e. everyday & special occasion?

There are vast differences in bridal makeup and other categories. Everyday makeup is generally quick and intended to freshen us up - make us look alert. Special occasion makeup - such as prom, date night, special reunions, girls night etc...- is intended  to give a great finish with fun color combinations, smokey eyes, bolder lips and trendy looks. It looks great in snapshots and will last for hours.

Wedding makeup is it's own specialty category! There are so many factors that go into making a bride look flawless. High performing products with natural looking finishes are the focus. The application must combat overheating, sweating, crying, and hot flashes. It must be transfer and/or water resistant. It must PERFECTLY match all regions of the face, neck, ears and chest - therefore custom blending is a MUST. It must read beautifully in person and spectacular in photos. It needs to look amazing in both flash photography and natural light, day and evening light as well as in black & white.  It needs to last upwards of 16+ hours. No bride wants to view her wedding album and see that her makeup is breaking down through the night - and trust me, you can tell when that happens! A skilled artist has products for all skin types that have been tested for top performance. As  visual technology changes, so does the technology of cosmetics. I would hope that with all the planning that goes into a wedding, makeup would not be seen as an optional service. It really is a necessity.


What happens at a bridal preview appointment? Where do they take place?

All bridal preview appointments take place at my private studio in the White Marsh, MD area. The trial is an excellent time to get to know one another. Trials are usually 90 minutes. We explore all sorts of details about your wedding as well as a makeup look that you are drawn to. If you can’t seem to narrow a look down, we’ll work as a team to create a look based on the combinations you are interested in. Maybe you like the eye shades from one image but the lips from another – oh and your point of reference is a completely different complexion than you. No worries, together we will create an image truly designed for you. This is where all details, wishes and concerns are discussed so that when your wedding day arrives you have absolutely no worries about your makeup.


Is there a cost for bridal makeup preview?

Yes. Trials are $100. This is separate from all other makeup costs.


What types of products do you use?

I use EVERYTHING! A little background about me – I worked as a manager for M.A.C Cosmetics for years and for years thought their products were the “holy grail” of makeup. Their products are amazing but no one company has everything you need. I have my makeup arsenal fully stocked with products from YSL, Face Atelier, Urban Decay, Graftobian, M.A.C., Mehron, Smashbox, MakeUp Forever, Bare Minerals, Chanel, Dior, Skindinavia, and many others.


How do you know which product to use and when?

Technology and faces – that sums it up. The needs of the skin is my main focus. If dry – make supple, if oily – mattify, if combination – balance. However, technology dictates the application process and the products used. I CAN NOT apply makeup the same for a photoshoot as I would for a bride being photographed with an HD camera – they are 2 completely different scenarios. An experienced artist should know the difference!


If I have sensitive skin or Roscea, can I still get my makeup done?

Absolutely. There are 2 solutions I generally use. If you have a sensitivity to certain products you are welcome to bring your own. If you know which ingredient causes an undesirable result, we will eliminate the usage of products with that ingredient listed. Specifically with foundation, airbrush is always an option.


What is Airbrush makeup and how is it different? Do you use it on your brides?

Airbrush makeup is primarily used in film and on television. It has the ability to give a flawless finish and not allow the skin to appear heavily perspired.  It is feather-light on the skin and can go from very sheer to complete camouflage. I use Airbrush foundation just as much as I use long-wear cream or liquid. Why? Because, truthfully, Airbrush makeup is not the best option on everyone. Some skin texture require a light touch, while others require a bit more TLC. A simple skin assessment can determine which formulas are best for your skin type. The goal is to create the most flawless canvas without appearing to be heavily made up.


Will my makeup last all day?

YES! One thing is for sure… when working in theatre you’d better figure out ways to keep makeup on through sweaty costumes and hot wigs! There’s no time for reapplication when you’ve got a 30 second wig & costume quick change! I have learned many trade secrets that I bring to my brides for the same result. Of course, we are not using stage makeup – no Lion King stripes here! But, the application process and various tools used will achieve long lasting results just the same


How do I go about booking you for my wedding?

A $200 retainer is required at the time of contract signing to reserve your date. There is a $500 minimum for wedding services.

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